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To whom it may concern,
I purchased a 2015 WRX STI Limited in March of this year at IRA Subaru in Danvers. It was a very pleasurable experience. Best by far I have ever had buying a new car. It was my first Subaru and the advertising of family / love appealed to me.
I live in Maine so the car was delivered to me a few days later.
I took it to my mechanic immediately since it did not have an inspection sticker for my state.  (At all really)
My mechanic found what he said was "curb damage". A spot of paint under the passenger side bumper. Also a strange mark the runs almost the length of where the trunk deck meets the back. Most likely from straps during transport. Only a small amount could be seen from ground level on the front bumper so I just let it go. I'm not one to make a fuss and it was barely noticeable.
It was after dark when I purchased the car and I couldn't see it.
When negotiating the price for the car, there was a sticking point.  IRA installed a clear wrap on the front of the car to protect it from our New England winters.  While I didn’t ask for it, I quickly found out I was going to pay for it .  it was already installed.  When I saw it and found out what it did and how it worked, it was well worth it. 
A month later the clear front wrap started to peal up in 4 different places. This was noticeable and road dirt and salt was getting under the mask so I contacted IRA. It took a week or so to find someone to reply to an e mail or return a phone call, however I started corresponding with a man named Nick Mastrangelo.
I sent photos and followed his directions. I got "we'll call you to make an appointment and get it replaced".
I would wait a week and after no call, would contact Nick again. Would be told "we'll call you...."
This went on for months.  I have over 30 back and fourths via e mail between us trying to get them to fix the problem.
By this point I'm far beyond aggregated. I started to contact SOA, however I called Maria Swaiacke who sold me the car.  She gave me her cell when I bought the car, so I dropped her a line.  I explained everything that happened and she said Nick no longer worked for IRA.  My anger subsided a bit, she said she would make it right.  Since story was now 7 months long, I asked could I pen a letter or e mail and have her forward it for me.  She said no problem.
Another month went by and I hear nothing, I contacted her by text.  No reply.  Another week, I contacted her again.  No reply.  She received both texts and read them (She has an apple like mine and had “Send Receipt” checked). 
I’ll be honest with you, I’m not even mad anymore, I just hurt and profoundly disappointed.  I bought a 42 thousand dollar car, and cannot get the common curiosity of a return phone call.   Even a “Hey we got you money go away” would have been better then these last 6 months.
I’m a professional photographer.  So naturally I took a picture of the car when I was shooting on the coast of Maine. 
SOA’s Lauren Weingarten from Corporate Social Media Specialist saw it somehow and asked if they could use it.  Of course I said. 
Melissa Carlson Assistant Editor, Subaru Drive Performance Magazine called about a month later and asked if I could send some more photo’s, they would like to put me in Novembers issue.  No problem.
I get another e mail asking to be a part of your Ambassador program. 
When I was at IRA they were shooting a commercial “Would you like to help us and be in it”?  Sure I said, my pleasure.
When Maria dropped of the car, she had chosen a print of my work she really loved and wanted to buy it.  I presented her with a 500 dollar framed print.  I was so happy with my initial experience with her and IRA, I wanted to give something back.

The pattern I’m trying to highlight is I have given a lot, and happily.  I have not asked for anything out of the ordinary.  When I purchased the car I was supposed to receive two gift (swag) packages.  Never got them.  Never said anything, no big deal.  On SOA facebook page everyone who bought a new car within this last year are getting them again.  “Just call SOA they will send you one”.  I didn’t call, no biggie. 
Didn’t call about the damaged paint or the problem with the trunk lid.
When I do ask about that one thing, I’m promised it will be fixed, told over and over how important I am to Subaru, and treated like, well, you have made me feel like a fool.  And EVEN after all this, it pains me to write this, I do not want to get Maria in any hot water.  I was really hoping, even though they are 500 miles away, that IRA would be my “family” dealership, though that ship has sailed.
If you could give me a call so we could finish get this finally fixed, or just tell me “tough luck, go away” I would appreciate it greatly.
Thank you for your time.  Sorry for the length of the letter, I was a terse as possible. 
Chris Olmstead
(207) 951-5159

I have all the e mails and text messages if you want them.

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I will start bloging One of these days.  When I am out shooting it never crosses my mind "Hey I should put down the camera and start blogging!".

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